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Our interactive courses are tailored for parents, carers and other family members who are interested in supporting a child to be the best they can be. Simple step-by-step fun ways to help support your child get the most out of their education and help you connect better every day.

There are pause points for you to be able to step back and discuss issues that are raised with your child or the school together with suggestions for how you can find out more and become even more engaged with your child’s learning.

The Introductory course is available to work along with your child’s school or for you to follow for yourself.

As a stand-alone course you pay only £29.

You will receive both an insight into relating to your child’s school or place of study and practical suggestions for ways to support their learning which fit in with your lifestyle. You will also receive a certificate as you complete the course to become part of the Better Learning Community, where you can connect with other parents and teachers and access a growing library of free games and other materials.

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